Websmith Group Partners with ECPI University for Mobile App Competition

Richmond, VA – The Richmond/Innsbrook campus of ECPI University and Websmith Group are teaming up to provide students with real-world experience in mobile app development.

While conducting a senior-level IT class, ECPI University approached Websmith Group last year for help in giving students access to a realistic work environment with realistic projects.  The timing was perfect for Websmith Group as it just launched a new Student Innovation Program to develop new software projects.

What Students Gain

Students are divided into three competing software development teams based on their skill sets, work experience, and educational background. The three teams are separated into one iOS (Apple Development) team and two Android teams. This year’s project requires each team to develop and design a library inventory mobile application. The app will allow users to inventory, check-out, and check-in books on a mobile device. The application integrates with Barcode and Book Application Programming Interfaces and includes geolocation and reporting features as well.

For the past 10 weeks, student “captains” have met with Websmith Group engineers to gather requirements and create a project plan. They have also worked with faculty advisors to design and test the mobile app in preparation for the final presentation and judging event.

 Final Presentation & Judging

The final presentation and judging will take place on Thursday, April 2rd at 7pm at ECPI University Innsbrook. A panel comprised of Websmith Group associates and ECPI administrators will judge the final winning team. The winning team members will each receive a monetary scholarship award. In addition to the winning team, Websmith Group will also select an MVP student who they feel has gone above and beyond.

Kishau Rogers, CEO of Websmith Group, Inc states “I want to offer young students the opportunity to gain real world experience and obtain better insight in the process of web and mobile software development. We have a responsibility to give back to our educational community and to help local schools provide students real-life work experiences, so they are [better] prepared”.

 Who Will Win?

Websmith Group’s Student Innovation Program is a unique way for students to gain hands-on experience. Although only one team will win and only one MVP is selected, the program provides a friendly, competitive environment for all students to have fun, be creative, and be challenged in learning all aspects of a software development cycle. It’s an invaluable experience for all. “I wish more classes were like this. You can read through a textbook all day, but you don’t get the experience you read [about],” shared Elaina Johnson, an ECPI student who was a participant in the 2014 Student Innovation Program.


2015 Student Innovation Winners: James O’ Brien, Rowan Jones, and Phu Nguyen.

Websmith Group’s MVP Award Winner: James O’ Brien


To learn more about the program, please visit “Student Innovation Program Information.”  If you are interested in participating or supporting, please contact Beth Grose at 866.563.4797 or beth@websmithgroup.com.