6 Ways Drone Technology is Used for Good

Drone technology has been made popular by the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq and also by Amazon’s recent announcement regarding shipping with drone delivery. Sometimes called “quadcopters,” there are many other uses for these unmanned aerial vehicles. As with most technology, people have used drones to help better the planet while others have simply come up with cool ideas for them. Let’s take a look at how drone technology is being used in other industry fields.


1. Assisting Farmers

Drones help farmers by providing an aerial view of their crops, farmers can take a quick survey of how plants are growing, if there are any signs of infestation or even check on watering and irrigation patterns. Attaching infrared cameras to the drones can even help farmers to be aware if their crops are suffering from a disease.

2. Fighting Crime

Today, most people are used to surveillance cameras in busy public areas and especially those areas vulnerable to high crime rates. Now, police are starting to use drones to help provide extra surveillance in those areas where a fixed camera can’t typically see. While certain civil liberties groups question this use, many police departments, and even the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, have allocated funds towards the purchase of surveillance drones.

3. Delivering Aid to Remote Areas

Similar to Amazon’s idea to use drones to deliver packages, a company named Matternet is using drones to deliver life saving medications to remote villages. These drone deliveries help provide resources when other modes of transportation are unavailable or roads are nonexistent. Drones that can also carry a little over two pounds have been used to deliver food and other supplies to these remote locations.

4. Reforesting the Earth

BioCarbon Engineering is an organization that hopes to reverse deforestation by using drones to disperse enough seedlings to plant up to one billion trees per year. In addition to planting the trees, the company will use the drones to map out the earth to determine where the best areas for planting are and “seed other species including micro-organisms and fungi to improve the soil quality and ensure long-term sustainability of our efforts.”

5. Search and Rescue Missions

When a Canadian man involved in a car crash wandered off into the forest, search efforts failed to locate him in the remote location. After ground and helicopter searches were called off, a drone with heat sensing equipment attached was used by the Canadian Mounties to fly over the vast area and locate the lost man. Drones will be able to help make search and rescue missions safer, less expensive, and more time efficient. These devices can be far more effective when you consider that a drone-led search has the ability to keep searching well into the night when normal night vision makes it difficult to see clearly.

6. Protecting Wildlife

Poaching wildlife is leading to the demise of certain species. In fact, many people believe that within 10 years, animals like rhinoceroses and wild elephants will be extinct because of massive illegal hunting. Part of the reason that poaching happens is because we cannot always be around these endangered animals to protect them. However, drones have the ability to monitor these endangered animals and help catch anyone who may attempt illegal poaching activities. Not only are the drones a deterrent, but local rangers are even able to identify poachers as they head towards the animals and can intervene before any animals are killed.


These uses only scratch the surface of what is available through the use of drone technology. Many people who simply use drones as a hobby have stumbled across some rather interesting and significant uses for them.

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