Our mission is to help students of technology to earn real-world experience while making a significant impact in their communities and to ensure better technology solutions and ultimately better results in the areas that matter.

Our student innovation program offers students real-world experience and an opportunity to discover how they impact their communities and ultimately the world. Our mission is to help students of technology make significant impact in their communities and to ensure better technology solutions and ultimately better results in the areas that matter.
For nearly 5 years, we have partnered with local colleges and universities to provide their students with opportunities for gaining real-world experience while making a difference.

How It Works

Participating students follows our 5-step innovation process which expands beyond coding to include customer discovery, critical thinking and analysis, brainstorming as well as building and executing ideas. Students work on community innovation teams which include professional developers, designers, and architects, as well as our community leaders and stakeholders.

The projects provide students with supplemental training (in some cases for college credit), community service experience and real-world experience in software & product development.


Websmith will partner with participating institutions in awarding scholarship funds to the student(s) that demonstrated excellence in their execution of their assigned project. Final products are judged on community alignment, design, usability, functionality and aesthetic design.

2016 Student Innovation Winners

  • Team: Sid Williams, Tavaris Woodson, Abram Baslious, Kawand Jasper, Abdallah Mazahar (ECPI-Richmond)
  • Websmith Group MVP Award Winner: Sid Williams

2015 Student Innovation Winners

  • Team: James O’ Brien, Rowan Jones, and Phu Nguyen (ECPI-Richmond)
  • Websmith Group MVP Award Winner: James O’ Brien

2014 Student Innovation Winners

  • Team: Brian Schaaf, Sean Stramaglia, and Elaina Johnson (ECPI-Richmond)
  • Websmith Group MVP Award Winner: Brian Schaaf
What the Students Are Saying

The winning team members of our Spring 2014 Student Innovation Program were ECPI students Brian Schaaf, Sean Stramaglia, and Elaina Johnson. They realized that researching was one of the most integral parts of their project success. “The biggest thing I learned was the importance of research,” Stramaglia said. In addition to research, they realized they should not “get too flustered by the size of [the project] and take one step at a time,” stated Stramaglia. “I learned what it’s like working in a team and bringing ideas together,” Johnson shared. Schaaf, the winner of the $250 MVP award given by [Websmith], learned to “look at the full scope of [a project] and understand how many interactive parts there are in the way of getting it done”. The team agreed that this was a “valuable experience” and it especially made Johnson aware of what it would be like to “be put in that job position” to work on a project and implement it successfully.


  • The Websmith team did a great job and were extremely responsive and informative particularly as key deadlines approached. Our lead developer was a great listener as reflected by his adjustments to the product. We also appreciated Websmith’s flexibility in rescheduling calls and appointments due to weather-related closures in both DC and Richmond. We did not experience any loss of momentum to get the project completed.

    Council for Advancement and Support of Education
  • Using Websmith’s software development services we were able to supplement the skill set of our existing in-house programmer(s) and meet our

    deadlines. The development team members are professional and had excellent response times. They were able to keep track of the many projects assigned and they stand behind their work. We would recommend them and are very likely to use their services again.

    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Project Director

If you are a student or faculty interested in learning more about our Student Innovation Program, contact us.