Wearables in the Cycling Industry

Wearables in the Cycling Industry Cycling is probably one of the earliest activities to embrace wearable technology. As rudimentary as it may seem, lighted clothing for cyclists to wear at night can be considered an early type of wearable tech. Times have changed, and wearable technology has made some rather impressive advances when it comes…

Wearables in the Healthcare Industry

As people and caregivers become more comfortable with collecting data through wearable technology, more products will find their way to the market and more physicians will come to rely on them to treat their patients. Working in conjunction with many fitness and lifestyle technologies, wearable healthcare devices may prove to be just as important to our well-being as was the discovery of antibiotics and immunizations.

How HoloLens Will Be the Future of Augmented Reality

HoloLens’ augmented reality is one that allows users to truly manipulate their environment and the objects within it. Developed by Microsoft for their Windows Holographic mixed reality computing platform, HoloLens is a wearable technology device powered by the Windows 10 operating system. HoloLens uses your real-world environment and “augments” or adds a digital layer within your physical surroundings. It creates a space where your real-world and the digital world interact.

Cutting Edge Tech: Agricultural Robots

Robots have great impact in industries like transportation, healthcare, and agriculture. Yes, even farmers have turned to robots for help. Agricultural robotics is a growing market. According to ResearchMoz, the agricultural robot market was $817 million in 2013 but it is expected to reach $16.3 billion by the year 2020.