How Bluetooth Technology Is Advancing the Prosthetics Industry

How Bluetooth Technology Is Advancing the Prosthetics Industry   For many years, prosthetic devices were very simple in design and provided very limited movement to amputees. Recently, Bluetooth technology is being implemented into prosthetic devices, allowing amputees to experience more ease in movement and greater stability.   What is Bluetooth Technology? In simplest terms, Bluetooth…

solar energy

How Clean Energy Technology Will Change The World

Change is scary. That’s just human nature, but it is also in our nature to improve the things around us. Computers and renewable energy have been steadily improving for decades, and we are finally starting to see the fruits of that research come to market. In the years to come, we should see a significant increase in the adoption of clean energy. Hopefully, as technology advances, we’ll also see cleaner environments and more stable economies to benefit the good of all.

Heart Rate Data

The Basics of Heart Rate Monitors & Sensors

The Basics of Heart Rate Monitors & Sensors Heart failure is a serious medical problem in this world. In the United States alone, it affects more than 5 million people. In 2010, the estimated direct cost of heart failure in the United States alone was $39.2 billion. Additionally, acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) is the…

Invisible Cloaking Tech and Light

The Ultra-thin Invisibility Cloak

An Introduction to the Ultra-thin Invisibility Cloak   Invisibility in Pop Culture There are numerous (sometimes extremely geeky) references to invisibility in movies, television shows, and even literature. Harry Potter inherited an invisibility cloak from his father and the crew members of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise could cloak their communications and ship from prying eyes. Even…


Geofencing: The Future of Geo-Location Technology

Geofencing: The future of Geo-Location Technology Geo-location technology is allowing mobile apps to do incredible things, and geofencing is the next step in this useful and groundbreaking innovation. Four Properties Behind Geofencing Programming Geofencing is the use of GPS and local radio-frequency identifiers (such as Wi-Fi nodes) to define a region of interest around a…