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How HoloLens Will Be the Future of Augmented Reality

HoloLens’ augmented reality is one that allows users to truly manipulate their environment and the objects within it. Developed by Microsoft for their Windows Holographic mixed reality computing platform, HoloLens is a wearable technology device powered by the Windows 10 operating system. HoloLens uses your real-world environment and “augments” or adds a digital layer within your physical surroundings. It creates a space where your real-world and the digital world interact.

Cutting Edge Tech: Agricultural Robots

Robots have great impact in industries like transportation, healthcare, and agriculture. Yes, even farmers have turned to robots for help. Agricultural robotics is a growing market. According to ResearchMoz, the agricultural robot market was $817 million in 2013 but it is expected to reach $16.3 billion by the year 2020.