Jonathan Buys is a systems architect consultant and freelance writer who has been covering the technology industry for the past fourteen years.

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How Clean Energy Technology Will Change The World

Change is scary. That’s just human nature, but it is also in our nature to improve the things around us. Computers and renewable energy have been steadily improving for decades, and we are finally starting to see the fruits of that research come to market. In the years to come, we should see a significant increase in the adoption of clean energy. Hopefully, as technology advances, we’ll also see cleaner environments and more stable economies to benefit the good of all.

5 Big Data Reporting Applications

Big Data is driving the new economy. The larger and more responsive your business becomes, the easier it is to become overwhelmed with the amount of data collected. Digging through your data and manipulating it into useful, actionable information is difficult. However, there are several production-ready options available to help you.

The Life of a Battery

In this new wireless world, our lives are powered by batteries. From the battery in a watch to the batteries in an electric car, the ability to efficiently store energy is crucial to the development of new technology. The life of a battery impacts everything from global economics, to the environment, to simple things like…

The Evolution of IP Addresses

The Internet is composed of millions of interconnected computers, each sharing a common addressing scheme, similar to addressing houses and businesses. The scheme, or protocol, used to communicate across the Internet is called, surprisingly enough, Internet Protocol (IP). Currently, the majority of organizations use IP version Four (IPv4), which is turning into a problem. IPv4…